“WHAT IF There Was A Definitive Guide to Creating Wealth in A Spiritually Sound and Co-Operative Manner?”

Would You Be Interested In Studying That Guide?

ou might think that if that was true, then everyone in the world would be rich by now, which is clearly not the case. It is true though that everyone who has seriously studied the guide is rich or getting there. There are many wealthy people, like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, who, while they have not confirmed or denied they have studied it, clearly follow its principles.

This book is of course, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles.

There are 3 Key Principles to the Science of Getting Rich:

  1. “You must move from the Competitive to the Creative plane”
    Most of the world is competitive - a fight for limited resources. Nothing new is being added and even when there is enough of a resource to go around, people hoard it and deny it from others. When you start creating resources, you escape the competitive cycle. All you need is the ability to create a limitless supply of just one resource, no matter what it is, and you will be able to trade that for everything you need. This is the key to abundance.

  2. “You must do all that can be done each day”
    The richest men and women in the world didn't become rich overnight, they worked hard, in one way or another, to become rich. 16 hour days and 80 hour weeks are the norm during the period that people build their wealth. It would be nice to believe that one can get rich in four hours a week, but this just isn't the truth. This level of productivity is only possible when you become addicted to and obsessed with your work.

  3. “You must entertain a lively and sincere sense of GRATITUDE”
    Any energy you put into thoughts of lack create more lack and poverty. When your focus is on the feeling that you are blessed to have received what you have from the universe, getting rich becomes an act of service to the universe and in return it serves you. The easiest route to wealth is to get yourself out of the way.

Why The Science of Getting Rich is Different

There are so many different guides and courses to study on getting rich. It's hard to know which one will help you and most people will end up glancing at as many as they can without properly understanding any of them.

The Science of Getting Rich is the DEFINITIVE guide to getting rich, because it was written to be so. Any time you are stuck trying to get rich the solution will be somewhere in the book. It is a complete and final authority on getting rich, and has been for 100 years.

The only way to know this for sure is to study it on a continuous basis. Most people that read the book only once do not recognise it as a definitive guide because they do understand it well enough. Anyone who studies it finds that they get rich to the degree that they understand and apply the principles of The Science of Getting Rich.

The Best Way to Study The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich was written in 1910 which puts it out of copyright and freely in the public domain. There are numerous copies available via google for anyone who wants to read it. However, if you are truly serious about getting rich, and truly serious about studying The Science of Getting Rich, our download package is for you

The keys to studying any body of knowledge are REPETITION, UNDERSTANDING, and IMMERSION. You won't understand the whole thing straight away, so repetition is required until you do. The best way to achieve this is to immerse yourself in a topic - so that a large proportion of your mental bandwidth is dedicated to understanding it.

We suggest that the best way to study the Science of Getting Rich is via audio. Have it on your MP3 player and carry your player with you all the time - listening to a chapter whenever you have a spare moment. The more you have the principles of the Science of Getting Rich in your head, the more and more you will see them being applied in the real world and the more you will understand how they can work for you.

With that in mind we created an audio book edition of the Science of Getting Rich, complete with a study guide and other learning aids. This audio book is available to download right now as MP3 audio to play from your computer, your MP3 player or to burn to audio CD.

And now - The Science of Being Great

The less well known, but equally insightful companion to SoGR is Wattles' book on Greatness. Wattles holds that all men (and women) can become great. As the book describes a Science, he goes on to describe precisely why this is true - without leaving anything out.

  • “Man can unite himself with the Universal Mind to enter into all knowledge”
    Wallace holds that Man and God are equally intelligent - the quality of thought and intelligence is the same in each. The real difference is Knowledge - God knows everything, Man does not. By deferring to God's Knowledge, Man's Mind becomes a part of God's Mind, allowing Man to act in the greatness of God. This process is called Consecration, and Wallace devotes an entire chapter to a thorough and complete description of it.

  • “God is all, in all, and there is nothing wrong”
    The perception that something is wrong holds us back from greatness. This is a basic implication of the Law of Attraction, we create and become what we think about. So ANY resistance we have to the perception that things are imperfect creates more imperfection. Perhaps surprisingly, Wallace's statements about the perceived wrongness of the Industrial or Political world of 1910 apply equally well in 2010, and so does his clear perception of the truth.

  • “Man may overcome both heredity and circumstances by exercising the inherent creative power of the soul”
    It is our soul that gently leads us towards greatness. Whether or not we become great therefore depends on our relationship with our soul, not on the situation we find ourselves in. Most people blame things outside of them for their lot in life and Wallace shows that what is within you and your expression of it is more important.

The Science of Being Great is the perfect companion to the Science of Getting Rich for anyone who is interested in self development. Greatness is the ultimate definition of success in life. Getting Rich and Being Great often go hand in hand, and they certainly support each other, but they are nonetheless two different skillsets.

We recommend studying the Science of Being Great alternately with the Science of Getting Rich, and we'd like to offer them to you together as a downloadable package:

Here's what you get in the Science of Getting Rich Audio Course:
  • 16 MP3 Audio files - 2 hours 20 minutes of audio of the Science of Getting Rich

  • BONUS High Quality WMV Video Download of The Summary of The Science of Getting Rich

  • BONUS PDF Slides of The Summary of The Science of Getting Rich to print and put on your wall
Here's what you get in the Science of Being Great Audio Course:
  • 22 MP3 Audio files - 2 hours 22 minutes of audio of the Science of Being Great

  • BONUS Audio "The Oversoul" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • BONUS Audio "It Works" by R H Jarrett

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How can I know it will work for me?"

A: Because it has already worked for many others - see the testimonials above. At the end of the day the only real way to know is to try it for yourself. After our guarantee period of 60 days, if you've been listening to the audio nearly every day, you will have a very clear understanding of what you need to do to become rich.

Q: "Can it really be spiritually right to get rich?"

A: Absolutely! In fact, it is much more spiritually right than being poor. To be poor is to deny the gifts that God or the Universe has provided. Many people get rich on the competitive plane - they take from others to become rich, and their relationships and health suffer. The Science of Getting Rich describes how to create more wealth in a way that benefits everyone.

Q: "How can one book contain everything I need to know to get rich?"

Because getting rich isn't hard at all! It was never supposed to be. If you look at the world there are an infinite number of ways that people do or don't get rich, but behind the complex physical reality there are a small number of simple principles that describe how to get rich.